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It’s All in the Planning

The last of seeds and plants have been ordered.  The girls (the feline ones) will be giddy to know catnip made it to the final seed order.  While this year will see a little less focus on the pretty-pretties, and I promised not to buy even one echinacea, we’ve ordered hundreds of sunflower seeds.  Jung Seeds & Plants has marvelous, magical-sounding varieties like Earthwalker, Moonwalker and Moulin Rouge.  The birds and bees will love them, and we’ll plant some where they can even provide some shade for heat-weary cats. 

We pulled out the calendar, discussed and sorted…and have our categories–start indoors (and when); start outside in a cold frame (and when), and those most appreciated direct sow-after-last-frost seeds.  When all is said and done, March 20th is P-day (first planting day).  In the meantime, as we inventory and gather supplies, we have two books to read through and take notes from–Mini-Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 of an Acre, and The Backyard Homestead.  Lots of work ahead, but we’re starting to get a wee bit excited!